Company Profile

Pt Pretzelindo Sukses Pratama is based in Jakarta, Indonesia
and was incorporated on 15 October 2012 by two driven
entrepreneurs, Imelda Lim and Martinus Tara.

Our love of Aunti Anne’s pretzels resulted in partnership to
make Indonesia a better tasting country. We are connoisseurs
with years of experience in various fields, from food and
beverage to retail. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class franchise brands and with Aunti Anne’s brand heritage, we’re proud to bring you pretzel perfection.

As the new Master Licensee of Auntie Anne’s in Indonesia, we
are committed to reviving the Pretzel Perfect experience, the
way it should be.

Auntie Anne’s is owned by Focus Brands International. Represented in Indonesia by PT. Pretzelindo Sukses Pratama.
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